CC-75 MLD Installation System

Large Area Assistive Listening System For Permanent Installation

The CC-75 MLD large area assistive listening system features the all-new PR-75a AutoSmart-Tuning (AST) receiver and BST-75 mini base station transmitter. The BST-75 is used with a rack mount and external antenna and is powered by 12 volt AC for permanent installation.

The PR-75a receiver may be used with stereo or mono headphones and direct audio input cords for use with hearing aids and cochlear implant processors. It can also be used with the NTC-102 neckloop for use with hearing aids having a “T” coil. When a headphone, direct audio input cord, or NTC-102 is plugged into the PR-75a, the receiver will automatically turn on and tune to the transmitter in its closest proximity.

This system is also ideal where multiple transmitters in the 72-76 MHz band are operating independently in the same building. Pushing the ATS button will cause the PR-75a to re-initiate the tuning process to capture transmission from the nearest compatible transmitter. This allows the same receiver to attend multiple events in different rooms at church, school, courthouses and more.

CC-75 MLD System Includes:
• 1 x BST-75 Base Station Transmitter
• 1 x RMK-75 Rack Mount
• 1 x 12 Volt Power Supply
• 2 x PR-75a AutoSmart-Tuning Receiver
• 2 x SM-N Earphone or LS-3 Headphone
• 1 x RDA-2b Remote Dipole Antenna (Standard)