Film Production

Remote Program Monitoring – Director and Crew Audio Feeds – Live Cueing

The name COMTEK has become synonymous with live audio program monitoring in the world of film production. Digitally synthesized transmitters and receivers let directors and crew members clearly hear all the action without missing a sound.  Actors can also receive live cueing and “side tone” with crystal clear audio fidelity.  Additionally, these systems provide the most hassle free way to send time code.

Incorporating both rack mount DC powered transmitters with remote antenna options and battery powered portable transmitters, COMTEK provides a variety of solutions for any situation.

Built to withstand the toughest environments when shooting on location, COMTEK systems are a integral part of live sound recording for film production.

Featured Products:



BST 75-216

Full fidelity, programable mini base station transmitter. Available with three different EQ option settings. Accepts balanced line level with XLR input and electret microphone or aux level inputs with 1/4″ phone plug.

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BST 25-216

Frequency synthesized base station transmitter with dual function audio processing for transmission of both standard or high fidelity channels. For use with the PR-216 personal receiver or other manufacturers’ receivers operating in the 216-217 MHz band.

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M-216 Option P7

High performance, frequency synthesized transmitter with BNC RF output in place of mic input jack. Comes with SLW-216 loaded flexible helical antenna with BNC connector and CB-36 XLR audio input cable.

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Rugged, high fidelity, frequency agile, digitally synthesized personal receiver. This versatile receiver can tune both standard or high fidelity channels for use with the M-216, M-216 Option P7, BST-25/216, and BST 75-216 series transmitters.

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PR-216 Option 7

Versatile PR-216 high fidelity receiver with a BNC antenna connector and short whip antenna for wireless audio RF links. For use with the M-216, M-216 Option P7, BST-25/216, and BST 75-216 series transmitters.

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