Language Interpretation

Offering an extended operating range and superior audio quality, COMTEK language interpretation systems are commonly used in facilities such as places of worship, schools, court houses, government meetings, and for other specialty applications. The BST-75 base station transmitter may be used in a permanent installation, or set on a table top and used with a headset microphone for a temporary setup. The M-175 body pack transmitter is ideal for use as part of a portable system that can easily to taken to different locations. The interpreter provides language interpretation through the transmitter only to individuals equipped with a PR-75 personal receiver, so the language interpretation is not disruptive or intrusive to the on-going program or event.

Featured Products:


M-175 Personal Transmitter

Compact body-worn transmitter designed for reliable one-way remote communication. EQ settings help enhance speech discrimination in a noisy environment. The M-175 has separate connectors for electret microphone and auxiliary input. Includes microphone mute switch.

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BST-75 Base Station Transmitter

Frequency synthesized base station transmitter operating on all standard letter channels and Part 90 narrow-band channels in the 72-76 MHz range. For use with the PR-75 AutoSmart-Tuning receiver. Accepts electret mic, AUX, and line level input.

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PR-75a AutoSmart-Tuning Receiver

User-friendly, high fidelity monitor receiver features the AutoSmart-Tuning function. Compatible with the M-175 personal transmitter.

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