NBC 9-3-12

Digital Fast Charger/Storage Case


• Can charge 12 units simultaneously
• Advanced microprocessor based
• Convenient carry/storage case
• Auto-select 9V/3V charging
• Self-Diagnostic feature

The NBC 9-3-12 Digital Fast Charger is designed to simultaneously charge and store up to twelve COMTEK 216 or 75 series receivers and/or transmitters. The charger will charge 3 volt (two AA size batteries) or 9 volt nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) batteries. The charger will automatically select the charging mode for the type of battery being used. It is also equipped with a self-diagnostic capability to identify faulty batteries and to ensure safe operation.

Nickel-metal hydride batteries can be recharged hundreds of times without generating a significant loss of power capacity or battery memory problems. An analog-to-digital voltage slope detector determines charge completion. If units are used only for a short time, the batteries will automatically receive a short “top-off” charge. When batteries reach a fully charged state, the NBC 9-3-12 charger will indefinitely maintain the batteries in a fully charged state of readiness until units are to be used.

The NBC 9-3-1 Single Unit Charger (shown) is also available.


All documents are in PDF format.

>> NBC 9-3-12 Tech Sheet
>> NBC 9-3-1 Tech Sheet


The PR-216 Personal Receiver is compatible with the following transmitters:

>> M-216
>> PR-216
>> M-175
>> PR-75a