PR-216 Option 7

Point-to-Point RF Links • Remote Wireless Audio Feeds • Convenient Speaker Placement

• Adjustable Line Level Output
• Low Power Consumption
• Full Fidelity Frequency Response
• Multi-Channel Compatible
• Rugged and Durable Design

The unique PR-216 Option 7 receiver is perfect for use as a “piggyback” receiver on powered speakers for remote speaker linkups and for field “point-to-point” RF links. This option makes it easy to achieve convenient speaker placement and on-location remote audio feed. The MBS-216 mounting bracket stand and MB-216 mounting bracket can also be used for optimal receiver placement.

The PR-216 Option 7 receiver includes a BNC antenna connector with a short whip antenna (SLW-216) and line level audio output adjustable up to +15 dB. The receiver can be battery powered and has phantom power capability through the aux input jack. The SLW-216 is a rugged and convenient antenna ensuring dependable RF reception.

Audio Output: Headset output +15 dBu (low impedance)

Connector: Stereo/mono 3.5 mm audio output connector

Indicators: LED Power/Battery indicator

• Power On/Off switch
• Volume control (50 dB range)
• 99-position rotary channel selector switches

Audio Frequency Response: 100 Hz to 10 kHz

Frequency Stability: 0.002% frequency synthesized crystal controlled

Ultimate Quieting: Better than 95 dB (Ch. 41-60 Companded)

Modulation: Up to 10 kHz

Power Requirements: 9 volt alkaline battery – 6 volt cut off

Idle Power Consumption: 15 mA fixed

Dimensions: 1 1/6” x 2 1/2” x 3 1/4” (27 mm x 57 mm x 83 mm)


All documents are in PDF format.

>> PR-216 Option 7 Tech Sheet
>> PR-216 Manual


The PR-216 Option 7 Receiver is compatible with the following transmitters:

>> M-216
>> M-216 Option 7
>> BST 25-216
>> BST 75-216