PR-75a AutoSmart-Tuning Receiver

Assistive Listening • Language Interpretation • Wireless Tour Guide

• Unique Self-Tuning
• 100 Hours Battery Life
• Stereo or Mono Headsets
• Flash Memory Technology
• Rugged and Durable Design

The PR-75a personal receiver is simple to use, reliable, and affordable. It is available with a pro-audio EQ (Option P) for high fidelity operation or with the standard EQ which emphasizes the frequencies that define speech intelligibility for auditory assistance and other personal communication applications. The AutoSmart-Tuning (AST) function makes it possible for the listener to use the same receiver to attend multiple programs at church, school classes, tour guide presentations, and for personal auditory assistance.

This unique receiver will automatically turn itself on and initiate its AutoSmart-Tuning process when the earphone is plugged in. The PR-75a receiver selects the closest appropriate transmitter in its vicinity and then sets itself to this channel. A convenient, one-button tuning control will cause the PR-75a to reinitiate the AutoSmart-Tuning process allowing the receiver to re-tune to a different compatible transmitter at venues where multiple transmitters are in use. Additionally, the PR-75a can be programmed for a set frequency or for a preset group of frequencies that can be accessed in sequence using the one-button tuning control (Program B).

Audio Output: Headset output 200 mW average (Impedance as low as 16 ohm)

• Stereo/mono 3.5 mm audio output
• 2.5 mm stereo connector for I/O data programming

Multi-Function LED Indicator:
• Channel-seeking
• Received signal
• No signal
• Low battery

• Volume control (50 dB range)
• Automatic turn-on when headphone is plugged in and turn-off when headphone is removed
• One-button channel control (AST)

Audio Frequency Response: 100 Hz to 10 kHz

Deviation Acceptance: Up to ±50 kHz

Antenna: Integral with headphone cable (no external antenna)

Power Requirements: 2 AA 1.5 volt alkaline batteries or rechargeable Ni-MH (NH-2400)

Dimensions: 1 1/6” x 2 1/2” x 3 1/4” (27 mm x 57 mm x 83 mm)


All documents are in PDF format.

>> PR-75a Tech Sheet
>> PR-75a User Manual


The PR-75a receiver is compatible with the following transmitters:

>> BST-75
>> M-175