Television Broadcast

Studio and ENG Truck IFB – Remote Program Monitoring – Confidence Channel

The versatile BST-25 base station transmitter and PR-216 76-88 receiver are the most advanced, highest fidelity, professional IFB and cueing system available. Tried and true, this system is the industry standard for IFB in television broadcast studios and ENG trucks, and program monitoring and cueing for live entertainment applications. The BST-25 offers a switchable EQ circuit for superb speech intelligibility or full range high fidelity operation for remote monitoring or mixer output feeds. The PR-216 76-88 incorporates both digital and analog technologies offering superior audio performance with the convenience of synthesized frequency agility to accommodate adverse multi-channel operation.

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Frequency synthesized base station transmitter operating in the 76-88 MHz band. For use with the PR-216 76-88 personal receiver.

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PR-216 76-88

Frequency synthesized personal receiver for television broadcast, motion picture, and entertainment industry applications. Operates in the 76-88 MHz band and is compatible with the BST-25 base station transmitter.

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