Wireless Tour Guide

It’s easy to leave a great and lasting impression on your tour group with COMTEK’s wireless tour guide systems. Designed to be simple to use, lightweight, and durable, COMTEK wireless tour guide systems allow the guide’s voice to be clearly heard by each person on the tour equipped with a personal receiver. Wireless tour guide systems effectively eliminate the problem of background noise and room reverberation. Additionally, using a unidirectional microphone and noise canceling headsets greatly adds to the systems effectiveness in high-noise environments. With COMTEK at your side, your tours will be even more enjoyable and educational than ever!

Featured Products:

72-76 MHz Series


M-175 Transmitter

Compact body-worn transmitter designed for reliable one-way remote communication. EQ settings help enhance speech discrimination in a noisy environment. The M-175 has separate connectors for electret microphone and auxiliary input. Includes microphone mute switch.

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PR-75a AutoSmart-Tuning Receiver

User-friendly, high fidelity monitor receiver features the AutoSmart-Tuning function. Compatible with the M-175 personal transmitter.

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216 MHz Series


M-216 Transmitter

High performance frequency synthesized wireless microphone transmitter with dual function audio processing for transmission of both standard or high-fidelity channels. The M-216 has separate connectors for electret microphone and auxiliary input.

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PR-216 Receiver

Rugged, high fidelity, frequency agile, digitally synthesized personal receiver for use with the M-216 transmitter. May use stereo or mono headphones.

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